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Okygen Spirulina 180 Tabs

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Boost your health and improve your life with the help of Spirulina. Benefit from this antioxidant fresh water alga.

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Okygen Spirulina – Natural nutritious algae provided in a pure single-ingredient supplement

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a blue-green type of algae from the species Arthrospira that is often called a superfood thanks to its extremely nutritious profile.

Spirulina is one of the most widely used supplements to support overall health and wellness, also being employed by many as an appetite suppressant.

Quality for best results

At Okygen, we continuously work to offer a wide range of innovating high-quality food supplements to make your life better. Our secret is to combine purity and quality with science to produce cutting-edge results.

Okygen Spirulina is made from the purest Arthrospira platensis, providing 1500 mg of Spirulina per serving in a perfect single-ingredient supplement.

Okygen Spirulina highlights

  • 100% high-quality Spirulina
  • Perfect single-ingredient formula
  • Provided in convenient tablet form
  • Widely used for appetite control
  • Produced in a certified laboratory
  • Quality and purity guaranteed